Principle MEMS process engineer

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NO.474-【獵頭職位:上海需要一位  Principle MEMS process engineer】聯系人:Edward-Duan,郵箱:[email protected],微信也可查詢職位了!打開手機微信,搜號碼“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公眾帳號“KT人才”或掃描以上二維碼即可添加,歡迎大家關注!
Job Description:
Ÿ  Masters or PhD degree in engineering related field -material science, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, electricengineering etc
Ÿ  5+ years of MEMS process experience in R&D and volumeapplications
Ÿ  MEMS process integration and transfer expertise,preferably in pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes.
Ÿ  Hands-on experience with surface and bulkmicro-machining, wafer level bonding  and packaging.
Ÿ  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to workwith foundry and internal teams.
Ÿ  Experience with DOE setup and data analysis
Ÿ  Characterization experience in optical microscopy, SEM,FIB, surface science analysis, interferometry etc.
Ÿ  Take leading role to Interface with MEMS wafer foundry partners
Ÿ  Lead projects in developing new processes and procedures, fromproof-of-concept through qualification for high volume production. support andmaintain current fabrication processes.
Ÿ  Coordinate the development activities including process development,failure analysis, process and product qualification
Ÿ  Troubleshoot wafer process and packaging related issues based on testingdata, including PCM, CP and FTs.
Ÿ  Create and analyze DOEs to evaluate process corners to identify majorrisks and ensure margin for high volume applications
Ÿ  Collaborate with design, testing and other teams to enable newtechnologies / products and bring design into production
Ÿ  Document and report process flows, DOEs, foundry activities and othertasks.
Ÿ  Access and analyze large product performance and process data in thesemiconductor/MEMS and electronic manufacturing environment
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