MEMS Design Engineer

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NO.474-【獵頭職位:上海需要一位  MEMS Design Engineer】聯系人:Edward-Duan,郵箱:[email protected],微信也可查詢職位了!打開手機微信,搜號碼“KTHR_COM”或查找微信公眾帳號“KT人才”或掃描以上二維碼即可添加,歡迎大家關注!
Job Description:
•   Expert in Finite Element Analysis (FEA).ANSYS is preferred.
•   Competent in MEMS design in bothpiezo-resistive and capacitive sensing.
•   Familiar with design of one of thesensors: pressure sensors, accelerometers, or    gyroscopes. Familiar with MEMS fabricationprocesses.
•   Team player to work well with others in acollaborative fast-paced environment
Job Requirement:
•   Mechanical design MEMS devices. Drive newproduct development.
•   Characterize the electrical and mechanicalperformances.
•   Troubleshoot prototype iterations. Handson work for testing and failure analysis.
•   Validate simulations with characterizationtools. Correlate characterization and simulation results to improve the modelaccuracy
•   Perform sensitivityanalysis to Identify and model key design parameters
•   Design DOE experiments to understanddevice physics, materials and fabrication
•   Mask layout
•   Interface with local and overseas vendors
•  Document and report design work and other tasks.
•   Master’s Degree or PhD in MEMS ormechanical engineering
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